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Tree Removal

Having a tree on your property often comes with the territory for new residents, while some may have witnessed its growth from a mere sapling. The age or current condition of that tree can sometimes make consideration of tree removal a viable option because of its hazardous potential or aesthetic concerns.

Specialists in Removing Trees

At North Texas Tree Care, we know the challenges involved with professional tree removal. We're aware that trees may not have been properly maintained or the risks of leaving them in their current state result in them being prime candidates for tree removal. We also know that simply cutting down a tree covers only one facet of this problem.

Key Reasons for Removals

Improper maintenance leads to issues like parasites or insects taking over the tree. Also, wood can be rotting or any number of branches may be dead or dying. Circumstances such as that help push a tree to the point of no return, necessitating its removal.

Even if a tree is perfectly healthy, the fact that it's leaning in one direction can serve as a hazard. That's due to the potential of having it fall on a power line, resulting in havoc far beyond your property. In addition, your own property can be damaged, and people can be injured or even killed by a falling tree.

Tackling the Whole Job

Once a job is completed, some residents are content to keep the tree stump in place. However, many want to be able to grow grass in that area or perhaps put it to some other use. Yet knowing how to properly remove tree stumps can serve as a challenge to the average homeowner or the professional that they hire to handle this job.

We Provide Tree Removal in the Following Areas

Argyle, Aubrey, Bartonville, Carrollton, Copper Canyon, Corinth, Cross Roads, Denton, Double Oak, Flower Mound, Frisco, Hickory Creek, Highland Village, Celina, Krugerville, Lake Dallas, Lakewood Village, Lewisville, Little Elm, Oak

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North Texas Tree Care has the staff to handle all of your tree removal needs and can make sure that we also remove tree roots to allow you to get the most out of your property. Just fill out the contact form below to get the process started today!