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Shade from the brutal Texas sun is important for all the Texas seasons and can extend the times spent out of doors. The trees and plants on any property add beauty and shade as well as value to the environment; therefore they deserve to be well cared for and loved. But trees can get sick if not cared for or even worse can fall or die unexpectedly. What that means to any property owner is that awareness, care and caution should be paid to assure every tree stays healthy. As a way of ensuring that each home owner or commercial property manager stays on top of any tree issues, we include regular care of trees as part of a property’s maintenance plan. North Texas Tree Care located in Dallas, Texas will tend to every aspect of tree and plant care including trimming, maintenance, fertilization and cultivation services.

Our Specialties

Integrated Pest Management Programs

Insects while very small can hurt and damage trees quite rapidly. We at North Texas Tree Care inspect trees periodically so that we can quickly identify any insect problems along with the proper treatment. Generally speaking, bugs attack plants that are already a bit vulnerable, so we make sure to manage the situation before it gets out of hand.

Tree Diagnosis & Treatment Programs for Disease and Nutrient Deficiencies

As experienced tree and plant experts, we at North Texas Tree Care carefully monitor your trees to be sure there are no diseases. A qualified arborist can diagnose the problem before it gets out of hand. Early detection promises that trees and plants are restored to good health promptly.

Tree Bracing or Cabling

There are times when a tree requires supplemental support or protection which is provided through cabling or bracing. North Texas Tree Care is fully equipped with all the right tools and accessories should a tree need extra support. We have everything required so that we can protect your trees with the best support.

Tree Trimming and Tree Removal

For tree trimming or tree removal services please visit Timberr Tree Services.

Our Promise

From the very first meeting with our team of experts, you’ll feel at ease with North Texas Tree Care for when it comes to caring for trees and plants, our friendly, experienced team handles every aspect of a project with love. From the planting of new trees to the care of an aged shrub, we take care of anything from the ground up. We strive towards being the most trusted resource in the North Texas area so our customers are assured of receiving quality solutions regardless of the size of the project. We pledge to bring reliable, dependable and solid services that make our customers happy. Plus as a licensed and certified company, we guarantee all safety standards are met.

Most important, the arborists at North Texas Tree Care understand every detail about trees and shrubbery so we can provide the most beneficial information relative to what any tree needs to remain healthy. We offer the precise knowledge and details so that your environment is lush and green with visual enjoyment for years to come. When you're ready to move ahead with your tree and plant project, please feel free to call us at (phone) to schedule a free consultation