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For a plant or a tree to remain healthy, it must be planted in healthy soil with regular fertilization. Soil also must have the proper pH level to assure that soil is ideal for plant life. Whether the plants and trees are in cooler or warmer climates or even in different types of soil, to ensure that trees and plants are healthy, we revitalize the soil with an approach that achieves the finest growth and health.


Living in Texas requires different treatments of soil since Texas soil is alkaline. Based on that challenge, we at North Texas Tree Care do everything necessary so that nitrogen is available for healthy plants. We optimize the fertilization treatment to keep trees and plants protected, plus as experts we know everything about fertilization, so we incorporate all the nutrients the soil needs to grow healthy trees and plants.

About Drought Conditions

Many states must deal with the effects of a drought and Texas is no exception. Lack of moisture is the reason that many trees and plants die, so if long periods of drought continue, generally speaking, very young and very old plants suffer the most. Every type of tree and shrubs is at risk of drought, which means it’s important to take a preventative approach to be sure trees and plants stay healthier and can endure.

Signs of Drought

The first signs of drought can be seen when the leaves on a tree begin wilting, discoloring and become brown. The severity and damage depends on the soil, the type of tree, the conditions and how long the drought has continued. A drought has a huge impact on a plant as it diminishes the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients, thus limiting its growth. If a drought has gone on for a long time, it will be harder for the plants and trees to recover. In their weakened state, they become more vulnerable to pest problems which can cause root problems. We at North Texas Tree Care know what to do so as to avoid the consequences of a drought.

The Steps That Must be Taken Before, During and After Drought

To ensure that plants stay healthy during a drought, there are several steps that must be taken as preventative measures, the first of which is irrigation. Next is mulching because it safeguards the moisture. Finally, fertilization of soil helps minimize the effects of drought. Without question, all damaged and dead branches should be removed putting less stress on the trees. Your property is an investment; therefore your trees and shrubbery should be kept as healthy as possible at all times. If you live in an area where drought occurs it’s critically important to provide extra care at all times and that means before a drought happens, during a drought and then after the drought to be sure your plants and trees remain healthy.