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A true arborist loves trees but at North Texas Tree Care, not only do we love trees; we also love working with our customers. We especially love it when our customers are excited about their plants and trees and are willing to do whatever they can to beautify their property and the community. And so we go above and beyond what is generally expected by treating every tree and every shrub with the respect they deserve. Having been in the tree business for more than a decade, we can say without hesitation that we have a true passion for tending to trees and plants and even more important, we understand how our customers feel about their trees. By way of example, all too often we hear stories from customers about their trees being diseased and then being told they must come down. The heartbreak when someone is told that a tree they have loved is no longer healthy and must be removed is a common tale we hear all too often. Yet that is not the way we see it. We strive to do everything in our power to save a tree, which is how we have built our reputation. Not only do we save trees whenever we can, but we keep them healthy and happy. This attitude and philosophy is what separates us from the other tree and plant care companies for we are not in the business of just chopping down trees….we are in the business of saving them, cultivating them and nurturing them. If a tree can be saved, we’re going to do it.

We at North Texas Tree Care have one goal in mind and that is to turn any living tree or shrub into a vision of beauty. By making sure that trees are trimmed to perfection, cultivated well, fertilized systematically and cared for appropriately before, during or after a drought, we assure the functionality and beauty of a property. As professional arborists, we start with a consultation followed by providing solutions and suggestions that are tailored to each situation. Basically, our customers are assured that when working with North Texas Tree Care, they will be able to play, relax and enjoy the beauty of their environment for years to come.

If you bring us the project, we will bring the professionalism, expertise and attention your trees and plants deserve. We are ready to serve the needs of our customers in the greater North Texas area, with top quality work and a highly experienced team of arborists. Regardless of the complexity or simplicity of a tree or plant care project, if you are looking for an expert with a proven record of success, North Texas Tree Care is the company to trust. Please browse through our website to learn more about the wide range of services we provide and when you're ready to move ahead with your project, please feel free to call us at (phone) to schedule a free consultation.